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We work with caterers of all sizes to deliver the best business catering to thousands of companies across Europe. Join us today to generate extra revenue and reach new high-value customers.

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Who is heycater?

heycater! is a full-service B2B catering provider that connects businesses with first-class caterers. From our portfolio of 500+ caterers, our customers can enjoy a wide spectrum of varied and delicious dishes including everything from Mexican street food, to Asian fusion, and modern Indian!

For our caterers, we operate as a "digital back office,” taking care of all the planning and logistics. So far, we’ve managed 10,000+ catering events in Germany - with a current customer satisfaction rate of over 95%.

5 simple steps to secure your first order

Submit your application form

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Fill out a short questionnaire

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Benefits of partnering with heycater!

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Expand your customer base

Let our marketing, sales, and acquisition experts boost your bookings and increase your revenue by tapping new markets on your behalf.

Enjoy a reliable turnover

Thanks to our targeted approach to marketing, we retain many of our clients long-term. This means you can enjoy a larger, more steady turnover that gradually increases over time.

Reduce your admin

As your contractual partner, we’ll manage the entire customer-facing process including contact, support, bookings, logistics, and invoicing, giving you more time to focus on what matters most. Plus, you’ll receive secure, reliable payments for your work twice a month.

Profit from our large network

All heycater! employees come from the catering and events industries and bring with them their experience—and their extensive networks. Consequently, we have a large partner network of caterers, locations, and equipment rental companies, all of which will be available to you.

Simplify your digital dashboard

In your heycater! account all of your requests, offers, and orders are centralized in one place. This means you always have a clear overview and answering requests and storing documents is effortless.

Reach 3,500+ companies using heycater!

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Hear what our partners have to say

Max & Murat
Thank you for the great cooperation which is always a smooth, well-organized experience! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

We partner with all types of catering businesses

From food trucks to traditional caterers, we partner with caterers of all sizes and specialties to deliver best-in-class business catering to our customers.

Private chefs
Private Chef
Baristas and bartenders
Food trucks
On-location caterers
Virtual event providers
Home office packages
Home office packages
Online adventures
Online adventures


Since 2015, heycater! has been the market-leading B2B catering marketplace with 10,500+ customers and 300+ partners across Europe. We support companies by organizing quick, uncomplicated, and effective catering, tailored to their needs.

Being a heycater! partner only costs you something when you successfully receive an order. There are no running costs. The commission amount depends on the services used and is automatically settled when the order invoices are paid.

The more actively you work with us and the faster you can respond to any order requests, the more orders you can generate!

When selecting our caterers, we ensure that basic standards are met. These include: The quality and presentation of the food, the service, whether certain sustainability benchmarks are met, and the price-performance ratio. Of course, we also focus on the taste. Consequently, we taste-test the offerings of our caterers personally and, more often than not, the entire team is present at our weekly caterer testings!

heycater! stands for the highest quality in events and catering - that's why we work with the best caterers in the business. To ensure this standard, we have developed a comprehensive quality and safety program that covers hygiene standards, product quality, packaging, certifications, and awards. Our caterers then have the opportunity to receive one of our three quality seals of approval.

You decide which requests to accept and whether to provide a quote. Catering requests are not binding. However, once you have confirmed an offer, then the order is binding.

At heycater! we are committed to sustainability. We are part of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative. For us, sustainability encompasses a variety of initatives in our day-to-day work, starting with the purchase of food, the use of appropriate equipment, and the organization of our operations. We regularly check these criteria with our partners.

You determine your basic conditions. If you only accept orders from a certain minimum quantity, you can specify this in your caterer account and adjust it at any time. We will only deliver relevant orders that will drive your business.

In your heycater! account, you will find all your requests, offers, and orders fully centralised and clearly arranged. This makes answering requests and offers fast and effortless. Plus, all your catering documents will be stored here too so everything is in one place.

Grow your catering business with heycater!

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