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Who is heycater!

heycater! is a full-service provider that sees itself as a link between talented caterers and a wide range of business customers.

Our mission is to promote local catering companies and give them the stage to showcase their passion and craftsmanship to a wider audience.

In our role as an intermediary, we offer a platform that not only increases the digital visibility and marketing of our catering partners, but also gives them access to new customer groups. We provide our partners with tools that simplify their day-to-day work and increase efficiency.

Criteria for a partnership

heycater! stands for quality and cooperation based on partnership. We are looking for partners who share our passion for first-class food and excellent service and want to grow together with us.

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Experience and references

In order to meet our high quality standards, you will need to have extensive catering experience as well as references or examples of your previous work that underline your competence and reliability.


Diverse and varied product portfolio

We value caterers who can present a wide range of culinary offerings. Our main focus is on all-round caterers who can react flexibly to the diverse wishes of our customers.


Capacities for high demand

In view of our strong demand, it is essential that you as a caterer have the necessary capacity to handle larger orders reliably and to a high standard, both in terms of personnel and logistics.


Reliability and professionalism

Punctuality and reliability are the be-all and end-all. We expect you to distinguish yourself through professional behavior and customer-oriented service.


Sustainability and reusable deliveries

A key aspect of our philosophy is our commitment to sustainability. It is therefore ideal if you as a caterer are able to deliver reusable food.


Technological preparedness

As a digital marketplace, we expect you to be comfortable using our online tools to manage orders and communication efficiently.

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Your advantages

Expand your core business with heycater! and benefit from:

  • More new and existing customers

    To generate orders and increase booking numbers, we use effective online marketing and acquisition with professional sales staff.

  • More sales

    Thanks to our targeted marketing measures and successful customer retention, we are able to steadily increase our partners' order and sales volumes and make them more predictable!

  • Less administration

    We take care of the entire customer contact, booking and planning of the catering as well as the subsequent invoicing for you. You will receive the payment on two fixed dates per month.

  • Large partner network

    As a member of our network, you benefit from the opportunity to expand your reach, be part of a community of selected catering and event experts and strengthen your brand!

  • Digital & central tool

    With heycater! you manage all dishes & menus, requests, offers and orders centralized and clearly arranged in one account. All catering documents are stored in just one place.

  • Personal support

    Benefit from tailored advice and a direct contact person who will take care of your needs and help you to develop your business successfully.

What our partners say about heycater!

Max & Murat

Thank you for the great cooperation which is always a smooth, well-organized experience! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

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Our partnerships

  • Vytal x heycater!

    heycater! has a partnership with Vytal, a company that offers reusable packaging for food. As a partner, you can promote the use of reusable packaging, which reduces single-use waste and thus reduces the environmental impact.

  • Uber Direct x heycater!

    Thanks to the cooperation with Uber Direct, you as our catering partner can flexibly outsource the delivery and offer it even when your own delivery capacities are exhausted. This gives you the opportunity to focus more on your core business.

  • Climate Extender

    As a member of the Climate Partner Initiative, heycater! is actively committed to climate protection. This can be done through various measures, such as offsetting CO2 emissions or supporting projects that promote renewable energies.


heycater! sees itself as a full-service provider and a link between talented caterers and a large number of business customers. In our role as an intermediary, we offer a platform that not only increases the digital visibility and marketing of our catering partners, but also gives them access to new customer groups. We provide our partners with tools that simplify their day-to-day work and increase efficiency.

The heycater! service only costs you money if you successfully place an order. There are therefore no ongoing costs. The amount of the commission depends on the services used and is automatically settled when the order invoices are paid.

The more actively you work with us and the faster you respond to inquiries, the more orders you can generate through us. Some of our top caterers carry out up to 100 catering events per month with us.

When selecting our caterers, we ensure that our minimum standards are met. These include the quality and presentation of the food, service, sustainability and value for money. You can find all the criteria for a partnership above.

heycater! stands for the highest quality in events and catering - which is why we work with the best in the industry throughout Germany. To ensure this claim, we have developed a comprehensive Quality&Safety program, which covers the topics of hygiene standards, product quality, packaging, certifications and awards. Our caterers have the opportunity to receive one of our 3 quality seals.

You decide which request you accept and whether you make an offer. Catering inquiries are therefore not binding. However, as soon as you have confirmed an offer, this order is binding.

We at heycater! are committed to sustainability in the industry and are part of the "Leaders for Climate Action" initiative. For us, sustainability encompasses a wide range of behaviours in our day-to-day work, from the purchase of food to the use of the appropriate equipment and the organization of processes. We regularly check these criteria with our partners.

You define your general conditions. If you only accept orders above a certain minimum quantity, you can specify this in your caterer account and adjust it at any time. We only deliver relevant orders that will boost your business.

In the hey! caterer account you will find all heycater! requests, offers and orders centralized & clearly arranged in one account. Inquiries and offers can be answered quickly and easily. All catering documents are stored in just one place.