Your asset-light, in-house café & deli

A radically new canteen concept

heykitchen! is a highly flexible office café & deli solution. We offer the most diverse selection of fresh and healthy food delivered daily by our large network of partners throughout Germany.

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About the heykitchen!

We offer unmatched flexibility & adapt to your needs

heykitchen! uses space flexibly - it is designed as an encounter place for a snack, coffee, lunch or meeting. In addition, our food offering is customized & unique to each company.

We can operate virtually anywhere — at low cost.

Our café & deli solution fits into any office size and it requires a low initial investment.

We care about what you care about

At heykitchen! we offer a diverse selection of high-quality food adapted to all dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free). In addition, we strive to find the most sustainable food solutions by using regional and sustainable ingredients.

The heykitchen! offer

The most flexible Corporate Catering Solution

Unmatched Flexibility

Dynamic offering

We guide you in the development of a food concept and in the infrastructure planning.

Adaptive Model

Quick adjustments to fluctuating number of employees in the office

Food for every occasion

Breakfast, healthy snacks, coffee, satisfying lunch, caterings & more

Cutting-edge Tech

Pre-ordering App

Order your breakfast, lunch and snacks from your desk

Electronic vouchers

Subsidize employees' meals with a few clicks

Subsidy Reports

Track your subsidies and spending

Quality and Safety

Proven COVID-19 concept

Minimize the risk of infection at the office

Tested and certified

Exclusive partnerships with the best local & national suppliers

Trained Personnel

Strict guidance and training on hygiene and safety

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Your advantages

Healthy & Happy Employees

  • Increase employee productivity

    through a large variety of healthy and tasty food

  • Increase employee satisfaction

    by showing your affection through food

Financial Benefits

  • Make the most of your payroll

    and allow your employees to save money thanks to tax benefits for food subsidies

  • Reduce your recruitment cost

    and increase your employee retention by providing a great employee perk

Office Attractiveness

  • Transform your office

    and encourage team-building with a space that fosters encounters and inspiration

  • Optimize your office space

    through the reduction of rent costs with our light and modular infrastructure

Want to know more?

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