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The 14 best Christmas party ideas - the big overview

There are events during the year that cannot be planned early enough. Christmas parties are undoubtedly one of them. In 2023, it will once again be necessary to think about the location, the theme and the food in good time. We have taken on a huge evaluation and inspected all the ideas in detail in order to find a suitable event format for your party, from a quick solution to a sophisticated design. Not only the Christ Child, but also your team will be proud of you!

Our favourites: 14 amazing Christmas party ideas

This time, we have put in a lot of effort and diligently evaluated the best Christmas party ideas on various media. From Google to Pinterest to Instagram, we have searched and collected and brought together the really great inspirations for you. Find the right idea here to make your Christmas party a highlight of the year.

1. Mulled wine stand

Winter is not only a dark season, but also a frosty cold one. What could be better than having your own mulled wine stand at the Christmas party? It's almost a must! Whether as a welcome at the entrance to the party or as a, literally, warm-up after the meal, the mulled wine stand is an absolute Christmas party hit. Even for less opulent parties, a small mulled wine stand is feasible even on a small budget. Well then, cheers!

2. Streetfood Christmas market

Pulled pork, burritos and burgers...what a street food classic! You think that's only possible in summer? No, No, No says the Christ Child! The street food market concept really comes alive during the Christmas season. What could be better than the romance of the traditional Christmas market combined with real street food coolness? That's right - nothing! This concept is definitely a great recommendation for any Christmas party.

3. Hüttengaudi

The party kings meet at the Hüttengaudi - not only at Apres Ski! Cosy hut flair, cheese fondue, fruit brandy and hut classics - that makes even the stillest water yodel. As an idea for the Christmas party, the Hüttengaudi has placed itself among the favourites. Well implemented with cosy decorations in your own office or hired externally with a suitable location, this concept gives the Christmas party a very special touch. We at heycater! recommend it from our own experience.

4. Schnapps tasting

What tastes like fruit or nuts and burns like chilli? That's right - schnapps! One idea that will definitely get you going is a schnapps tasting. Perfect for the chilly season, the clear drop will heat up the Christmas party guests. Combined with a great course menu, a schnapps tasting can really round off the taste experience and integrate winter notes of gingerbread and marzipan. This gets the right flair especially in industrial locations or even in the distillery itself.

5. Theme party reloaded

We see the reinterpreted theme party as a top idea for the Christmas party. Even if casino-style or gold-look disguises are used quite often and are no longer "in", a disguise in a new edition as a party concept is always a hit with the team. Current trends based on the Burning Man Festival or special styles like "Vintage Circus" are cool and absolutely trendy in our portfolio.

6. Company orchestra

Do you have musically talented teamies in the company? Do you appreciate classical Christmas carols and concert ambience? Then a self-organised company orchestra might be a really nice idea. Regardless of the size and scope of the Christmas party, you could integrate a small company orchestra in your own office, outdoors or in an external location. The idea is definitely something for classical music lovers, but at Christmas time, even the concert muffle can get into the spirit.

7. Christmas BBQ

Barbecued food is and remains a popular meal - especially when it comes to feeding lots of guests. Here, too, burgers and pulled pork are ideal, but also chicken wings, grilled cheese sandwiches and, of course, the classic currywurst. To give the Christmas barbecue something festive, special attention can be paid to the drinks here. A wine special with special wines or classic cocktails, expertly mixed, are the ideal counterpart to the casual meal.

8. Charity Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is a time for reflection and gratitude. As well as organising tokens of appreciation for our loved ones, a charitable activity is a great idea for a Christmas team activity. Check out your local providers to see where you can support and show together how important and simple help can be.

9. Baking workshop course

Anticipation is the best joy in adveeent - it rings in your ears! Remember the childhood days and the joint baking sessions with the family in the kitchen? A wonderful Christmas activity for children and adults alike. As a team together with the company, the "baking workshop" concept is also an excellent counterpart to the cooking workshop. Bake the dessert for the three-course meal together or create the biscuits yourself as a token of appreciation to the neighbour. We think it's a wonderful idea for the Christmas party.

10. Team Secret Santa

What could be better than a traditional Secret Santa with your favourite colleagues at the Christmas party? Agreeing on which gifts are fun and nice beforehand and then going in search of a small gift is something really great! We think it's a great activity that fits in with Christmas, is fun and surprising. It's always a pleasure to use the mood maker for the joint celebration.

11. Ice curling

A sport that makes you want to enjoy the Alps and winter is definitely curling. Curling is an excellent outdoor activity to celebrate the year. Especially because at least two groups are needed, the sport fits wonderfully for teams from small to large. In large companies, a curling tournament would also be a great idea, which can be perfectly integrated into the Christmas party day. Because of the sport, team and winter character, the idea definitely qualifies for the top 12.

12. Magical Christmas

Christmas can be magical - its traditions magical. Santa parks his sleigh on the roof and enters the house through the chimney... Myth or magic? Organising a magician can also be the idea at the Christmas party to make a unique experience out of the annual event and to really enchant the team. This can be realised as a stage show or a solo performance in the midst of the party crowd. A top idea for the Christmas party!

13. Private Chef

A fine dining menu prepared by a private chef is an exclusive highlight that will definitely be remembered. Whether there is modern fusion cuisine or traditional dishes can be chosen individually and according to the preferences of the colleagues or the organisers. Anyone who thinks that a Private Chef is particularly expensive is mistaken. From a 3-course Christmas menu to a French gourmet - there is a solution for every budget.

14. Team building drumming workshop

One idea that we would like to share with you is definitely recommended for all seasons - the drum workshop together with the team. Especially for companies that perhaps only organise a big Christmas party for the team once a year, it is important to come up with something new and innovative every year. The rhythm, the sound that you create together and the team bonding that this creates, unconditionally puts this format on the list of favourites for the Christmas party.

Christmas menu 2023 - tasty menu suggestions

In addition to ideas for the perfect Christmas party, we would like to give you some suggestions for the 2023 Christmas menu. We've included a goose classic, a vegetarian Christmas menu and a creative Christmas menu idea.

1. Crispy goose with spiced jus, red cabbage slaw & roasted pear sorbet

Anyone looking for a suitable Christmas menu will not be able to avoid the classic. Very few people want to go without goose at Christmas time. In our menu suggestion, we have reworked the classic version a little to give it a new sparkle:

  • Starter: Clear goose soup with wan-tan

  • Main course: Crispy goose leg with red cabbage slaw & Bohemian napkin dumplings

  • Dessert: Fried pear sorbet

2. Vegan Christmas menu in several variations

The beauty of a vegan Christmas menu is the variety. We'll give you several suggestions so that you have plenty of choice for a possible combination:

  • Starters: Beetroot soup with coconut milk and parsnip, beetroot and pear tower with mung bean salad, chard roulade with quinoa filling or a chestnut soup

  • Main courses: Roast walnut with red cabbage and pumpkin dumplings, seitan schnitzel with vegan potato salad, risotto with herb pesto, or a stuffed pumpkin with couscous

  • Dessert: Gingerbread mousse with mulled wine cherries, apple crumble with almond milk vanilla sauce or cantuccini with lemon and pistachio

3. Extraordinary Christmas menu as a taste experience

If you would like to surprise your employees with something out of the ordinary for the Christmas menu, you can fall back on the following composition, which is sure to be a taste experience for all participants:

  • Starter: Puff pastry stars with smoked salmon

  • Main course: Saddle of venison with chilli chocolate sauce and parsley potato noodles

  • Dessert: Marzipan poppy seed mousse with raspberry sauce

Our menu suggestions for the Christmas party 2023 can be used as inspiration. Book your Christmas party catering with heycater! and let us know your individual wishes. Together with our catering partners, we are sure to create a Christmas party that will be remembered for a long time.

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